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Hsing-I E-book is Now Available- Free with DVD Purchase

I've received some very nice comments from people who have purchased the DVD "Hsing-I Class Vol. 1: The 5 Fist Postures." It really is one of the most detailed instructional videos ever produced on an internal art.

Now, the e-book is available, and it will be given FREE to anyone who Tsuan_7 purchases the Hsing-I DVD. The e-book is 42 pages long and contains 122 photos, along with detailed practice tips that will help you break down the fine points of the five fist postures of Hsing-I Chuan.

If you have purchased the DVD, send me an email and you'll receive the e-book in the reply. If you purchase the DVD today or in the future, you'll receive the e-book before the DVD arrives.

The e-book is great to print out and use as a reference when you don't have the ability to practice with the DVD.

Next, I plan on doing these e-books for my other videos, and I'll do this for future DVDs, too. The next DVD will explore fighting applications of the fist postures in great detail. There may be two DVDs, there is so much to show!!


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jim criscimagna

E-book, great idea, very generous, Ken ... sounds like some good information too!

Hope things are well for you and you and Nancy are enjoying the fall in Florida.


Rich Coulter

Hsing-I practitioners:

If you have only $25 in your pocket buy this video! I watched it from friend's house and remembered how much work is really needed to put in to perform Hsing-I correctly. I'll be fine tuning my HsingI skill with this DVD. I ordered my copy today and can't wait to get it in!

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