TV Story on Chi Kung Gets It Half Right
One Bagua Technique vs. Jab

Today in Kung Fu

Here's a roundup for all you kung fu news junkies.

It looks like the new movie version of the old Kung Fu TV show is still in the works. Check out this update.

Meanwhile, David Carradine, who inspired many of us in the early 70's even before we saw Bruce Lee, is continuing a successful film career. Here's a good feature story about him.

I bought all three seasons of the Kung Fu TV show on DVD. Those shows were ahead of their time, and watching them now, it's hard to believe that such a spiritual program that explored Eastern philosophy was even considered for primetime American TV back in the early 70's. Every show offers a philosophical insight. Outstanding, and it holds up very well.


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Sean C. Ledig

It's a shame that 30 years after Carradine was cast for the part, Hollywood seems shy about using an Asian actor.

My personal pick to revisit "Kung Fu" on the big screen - Chow Yun Fat.

He's a great actor, very handsome and has great screen presence. He's shown he can do action and comedy equally well and he's a better martial artist than Carradine was when he did "Kung Fu."

And, if the boneheads in Hollywood are so hung up on making the lead character a half-Anglo, half-Asian, I think Chow can pull that off, too.

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