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New Hsing-I DVD Available Now!

The problem with most internal arts videos is this: they show repeated movements at different angles but very little real instruction.

I believe instructional videos should teach the fine points. With that principle in mind, I've produced the first in a series of internal arts DVDs -- "Hsing-I Class Volume 1--The 5 Fist Postures."

I've won many forms competitions with Hsing-I, including a gold medal at an international kung fu/wushu tournament in Chicago in 2003 (with all Chinese judges including some Hsing-I teachers). My students have also won many forms competitions. But Hsing-I is very difficult, and it's impossible to learn it from books because of the intricate body mechanics.

In this DVD, each of the fist postures is demonstrated, then you watch students perform the movement, and watch as I coach them through the fine points and correct some of their mistakes. You will learn the fist postures if you practice along with the class.

The DVD is one hour long. To order (it has a money-back guarantee like all my DVDs) go to the website.

Here's a short clip of two students being led through Pao Chuan (pounding fist). With each fist posture, I went through it with students, then watched as they performed it and then coached more specifically.

Download HsingiClip_NEW.m4v


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Chris Miller

The video clip didn't publish right to the page. Not able to view it.


So I've placed my order... now when does the second DVD on Hsing-I fighting applications come out? :)


I'll start editing soon. I don't believe we shot the last couple of fist posture applications (there are a LOT of applications) so I may have to fly back to the Quad Cities and get together with my students to finish. Thanks for ordering the DVD. I have to admit, it's pretty good, and I'm a tough critic, especially when I watch myself on video. :)

Kim Miller

Ack!! Hard to believe that is me!! You weren't kidding when you said I would blush looking back at my technique!! Goes to show how vital practicing the fist postures over and over and over some more is vital to improving overall Kung Fu style! =)


My hat's off to the brave students who volunteered for this DVD. But we all go through this. I have video of myself from tournaments, even in the 90's, that make me cringe. Wait till you see yourself doing Tsuan Chuan. :)) HAHAHA!!!


What people watching the DVD need to know, and I mention it a couple of times, is that the students in the videos, except for Colin, had only been studying Hsing-I for a few months. I always tell people that each year, if you keep practicing, you'll look back and be amazed at how differently you move and how much you've improved. The arts take a lot of study, practice, and time.

Chris Miller

I can't wait to see it all. Especially with the clips that I may be in. It'll be good to see how much we've improved. Or haven't :D. We're always up for helping, so if you need more footage for the 2nd DVD (and 3rd and 4th, etc :D) then let us know.

It really is amazing how much five techniques can teach you.


You've definitely improved! Your body mechanics now are very different than a year ago, as we knew they would be. :)


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