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"Moving" Peng and the Ground Path

Moving_pengweb The North American moving guys didn't do their job right and didn't have any extra help to unload our furniture and household goods at our new home in Florida. They seemed to be moving in slow motion, and I quickly realized that if Nancy and I were going to get our stuff into our new home, I'd have to pitch in and help unload.

It didn't take long to learn that when you load heavy boxes onto a dolly and take it down a ramp, it can quickly get away from you.

So I applied tai chi principles and maintained the ground path and a sense of "peng" throughout the process. By maintaining the ground and peng while stepping backwards, I kept the dolly from coming down too fast and was able to control it easily, with much less physical effort.

Tai Chi principles can be used in many day-to-day activities, from opening heavy doors to lifting and carrying heavy items. I was once told to imagine moving as if your dan t'ien was being pulled along a level plane. I tried that while running and it made my strides more even and relaxed.

I learned another valuable thing while moving. It's dang hot in Florida. :) I worked about 10 hours carrying boxes and furniture, and was sweating so badly that the brim of my Kung Fu Quad Cities cap was dripping with sweat!

The past couple of weeks have been so intense, with the move and the death of my mom, that I haven't had a chance to even practice tai chi or kung fu since we held our last class at the Bettendorf school. What little free time I've had, I've tried to chill a bit with Nancy. I'm hoping that this week, we'll begin practicing again.


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