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The Need for Self Defense

A couple of weeks ago at a major mall in our city, a huge fight broke out in the food court involving a couple dozen young men and women. Tensions that built up during the week at school broke out in the mall on the weekend.

Imagine if you were sitting there eating a burger and found yourself in the middle of a crazy mob.

A friend of mine from high school--we were on the track team together--acted very bizarre at our reunion last summer. He was obviously drunk (or high), belligerent, obnoxious, and made strange comments to people. Last week, according to prosecutors, he shot a man in the chest and killed him. He was arrested for murder.

At the reunion, I was watching him carefully, ready to step in if necessary, but not wanting to destroy an old friendship if it wasn't necessary. In situations like that, I grow very calm, and understand that I can handle the situation if the need arises.

I haven't been in a fight since high school and hopefully will never be again. But violence can break out when you least expect it. I'm glad I have some knowledge and skill that could help. Frankly, I don't understand why more people don't prepare to defend themselves, and those they love, in the event that people around them explode in unpredictable ways.


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