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New DVD on Basic Kung Fu Techniques

We've added a new DVD to our website -- Basic Kung Fu Techniques. Beginners, or people who want to brush up on basic techniques, can practice as they watch.

Dozens of techniques are clearly demonstrated, including:

  • hand strikes
  • kicks
  • blocks
  • stances
  • stepping techniques
  • striking points
  • fighting applications of techniques
  • a stepping/stance form for practicing footwork

These are the basic techniques taught to our beginning students. The DVD is $19.99 with free shipping and you can find it at on the Video page of our website.

There are also special offers, with discounts if you buy bundled sets of our DVDs.

This is a rare "commercial" post on our blog. :)


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Rich Coulter

How about posting a clip of this on the website w/ some footage of the tape?



Who's going to make me post some video? You??? Don't make me laugh. I'll have to show you some of MY kung fu!!!

Oh, okay, I'll post some video. GOSH! For a guy living in Pella, Iowa, you sure expect a lot. :)

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