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Jet Li's Fearless

Maybe I'm one of the last martial artists in the country to see this movie. I never thought Jet Li lived up to his potential, and I don't really like martial arts movies that rely so heavily on special effects.

So I was surprised at how much I liked "Fearless." I especially loved the story line and the theme about self control.

The fighting sequences were fantastic, even though they sometimes broke through the bounds of reality. I really believe these movies would be even better if they presented a more realistic view of fighting.

There are only a handful of martial arts films that I would call great--at least the ones I've seen. They would include:

Enter the Dragon

The Last Samurai

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Jet Li's Fearless

Iron Monkey

This list doesn't include some of the great comedies, such as Kung Fu Hustle. I hope this isn't Jet Li's final martial arts movie. Now that he's made a movie that lives up to his potential, I'm ready for more.


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Chris Miller

Another for the great comedies is Shaolin Soccer. Which actually has a great back message about how martial arts can benefit everyone. It's hilarious in the same vein as Kung Fu Hustle.

Jet Li's Fearless is definitely one of the top five. I'd recommend anyone interested in Martial Arts of any sort see it.

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