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November 2006

Two Cool Videos of Chen Xiaowang

Some of my favorite martial arts memories are the times I spent training with Chen Xiaowang.

His workshops are physically demanding, but just watching him and having him correct you is a great opportunity to make little steps forward in your skill.

Here are links to two great videos of Chen Tai Chi Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.

In this one, he demonstrates a form and adds explosive fajin (issuing energy) at the end. 


In the second one, he demonstrates rooting and ground strength.

 These are fun demonstrations to watch.

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Welcome to My New Blog

Hello and welcome to my new martial arts blog. This will be a discussion area where we can share videos, links, interesting thoughts, and we'll talk about the internal arts, practice methods and techniques.

Martial arts discussions on the Internet almost always break down into heated discussions. That is not what this blog is about.

I'll monitor all posts carefully, and anyone who uses profanity, resorts to name-calling, or tries to dominate the discussion will be deleted and blocked.

My school is Kung Fu Quad Cities. I love all martial arts, particularly the internal arts, so let's talk about it, learn together, and have fun.

----October 15, 2006